Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!!!

How is it that we have an extra day this year yet I don't have any extra time??? Now really, that just doesn't make any sense, does it?

So I am a single mom working full-time with two teenage daughters and an extra teenage boy that lives with us. We have 3 dogs and a cat, a big yard, and lots of laundry. (If this sounds like a personal ad, it kinda is, heeheehee). I would REALLY like to be a SAHC - that would be a Stay-At-Home-Crafter since I missed the boat on being a SAHM. So if anyone out there knows a decent guy that would provide the life I would like to become accustomed too, please send me an email!

In the meantime, I'll park myself at my craft table and come up with something fun to post tomorrow!

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