Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Five months…

…have gone by in a blink…. I last posted in September when I was very excited about the letterpress plates and fabric in the Winter Mini.

Fast forward through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, and here we are…

halloweenIn nutshell, for Halloween we dressed up at work as a group and our theme was 1920s flappers. We had so much fun with that. 

SANY1868For Thanksgiving, Emily and I traveled up to Jennifer’s in the Shelton area for a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I love it there.

Just before Christmas we moved into a great little house with a huge finished basement that I’ve made into my craft room. It’s so nice to have a space all of my own, with my own TV, away from the rest of the hubbub of the house. HA! It’s my woman cave!

New Year’s Eve and day were fairly uneventful. The following weeks were not. Emily is pregnant. Luckily she is determined to stay in school and plans on doing an open adoption. The best choice for her and her baby. After wrapping my little head around that, my other daughter dives into some health troubles and is now headed toward a minor surgery in March.

momSo Feb. 17 was the 9th anniversary of my mom’s sudden death. Always a hard day for me and my brothers. No time to wallow though because the house I had moved out of in December was torched by arson. That was freaky. The next day I fell twisting my back and landing on top of some heavy glass vases (my craft room is big but not yet organized) and bruised up my arms and legs.
In between there has been “fixin” the pets, days without electricity, lots of appointments, my dog Sugar disappeared and my dog Chloe died, book club get togethers,  stolen DVDs, failing grades, colds, parties, etc. I can hardly believe that I made it to work with any regularity!!! Life, gotta love it, or cry.

SANY2004So I ended up not making any holiday cards this year. I couldn’t even get to a point where I could think about creating them. Maybe spring cards… I have been doing other crafting though. I am in a circle journal group and have created 6 different layouts for that. Over the last couple of days I’ve made “Book Paraphernalia” kits – book plate, bookmark, and library card with pocket. They will be available at Arts and Scraps and will be a great addition when giving a book.

I’ve also been taking classes at Arts and Scraps. Love Denise’s creativity. I wish I was at that level. I will keep at it till I am!

I have scheduled some classes including a monthly technique class. March I’ll feature masking and April will be embossing. I hope that those attending will come away having learned something new.

Ok, so this has been a really long post. I would like to think that I’ll be on the ball and post at least once a week. However every time I think about doing that I fall off the wagon.

Happy crafting!!!!

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  1. Heya girlfriend!
    You have been through too much during the last few months. Whew!! I didn't realize it until I read your blog.
    Let's make it better this weekend okay?


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