Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chunky bracelet for Em

It took me forever to figure out what to make for Emily. Then I had a crazy idea while I was at Craft Warehouse’s Annual Open House. I was there to buy whatever I needed for the Christmas gifts I was going to make – the first of many supply runs…

Anyway, I suddenly remembered how much she liked a bracelet I made when I took Christy Tomlinson’s A Gilded Valentine online class over the summer. Using that bracelet as a pattern of sorts, I made this bracelet for Emily. The glass beads are forest green and plum. There are lots of other types of beads and a few trinkets as well.

Chuncky bracelet for EmI can’t even use the correct terminology for the beads, tools, or techniques that were used. Not very helpful, am I?

All I know is that I strung the beads on to head pins and then wrapped a loop at the end and trimmed off the access. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Then I used jump rings to attach all the beaded pieces and trinkets on the chain.

Bracelet detailBracelet detailSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

There are keys, a heart, her initial, pretty pearls and crystals. Everything hangs really nicely. That was one thing that I learned is that everything needs to hang from the same side of the chain. No matter how careful I was, I had a hard time with that. I ended up taking off several pieces and rehanging them, more then once.

In the end, Em really liked her bracelet. I will definitely make more of these. Have you ever tried making jewelry?

Happy crafting!

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