Sunday, March 24, 2013

Molten lava bracelet

Sometimes I am so lucky…


I won a Molten Lava class on Facebook by sharing a post. Of course, I didn’t think I would win and was pleasantly surprised when I did. This is the class that I won and it’s an online class. If you enjoy making jewelry, then I suggest that you check it out. Anyway, the teacher is Terri Brush. She creates and teaches lots of different soldering projects.

lava-braceletWhat made me even luckier is that Terri suggested that I come to her studio and take the class in person rather than online. She lives in Chehalis which is about an hour and a half up I-5 from Vancouver. I loved that I was able to join in on her class because I met some great people, got hands-on instruction, and made this amazing bracelet!

Basically, we cut shapes out of sheet metal, melted solder on it with flux and a micro torch. While it was wet, we used a rubber stamp to press a design or texture into it. We also learned how to melt a gem or filigree into the solder.

Lots of different textures and designs… After that we put a patina on it, used steel wool to shine it up, punched holes, and used pieces that we made to make the bracelet. We also created the large rings from silver wire, using a different type of flux and solder. We aged and distressed them as well.

Terri supplied freshwater pearls, gems, beads, rings, and a leather strip to string them on. Terri designed the bracelet to wrap around the wrist twice, however that was too tight for me. So I attached the leather strip piece as a second strand. The heart hangs down as a separate charm. I used three rectangular molten lava pieces in between the large rings.


Meanwhile on the home front, Charlotte is getting potty trained and is crazy active. Em did really well in her classes and is awaiting her Winter Quarter grades. Lilly surprised me with a weeklong visit. Happy and busy times!!!

In April, I’ll be going to Terri’s Spring Art Camp Retreat at Lincoln City. Besides another Molten Lava class with Terri, Amy Hanna will be teaching a jewelry class and Carolyn Peeler will be teaching a mini album class. I am SO excited!!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!

PS: My luck did not extend to buying the winning Powerball ticket, however I will keep trying!


  1. This is beautiful!!! Can I ask, did it melt the stamp? Our was it a special stamp?

    1. Thanks Lisa! The stamp is a regular rubber stamp. I was apprehensive using my rubber stamps but they really don't melt. It doesn't hurt them at all. You cannot use the clear polymer stamps though because they will melt.

  2. I also won one of Terry's classes and choose the molten lava. Just watched the last video and can't wait to start. I found your blog when searching for stamps to use. Thank you for the heads up on regular rubber stamps. So glad that you could go to her class in person, that would have been awesome.

    1. That's awesome! You will enjoy learning these techniques. I've heard recently from a student in a different class that I am taking that her rubber stamp did melt so beware. Probably depends on the manufacturer - I use Stampin' Up! stamps and Tim Holtz stamps.


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