Monday, March 25, 2013

Watercolor puddles

Watercolor puddles turned into root vegetables…

Watercolor puddle veggies

The Art of Spring is yet another online class that I am taking. I am SO glad that these classes are available for a full year because it takes me that long to get through them!!! Yeah, I am in the midst of six classes right now and three more are starting in April. Plus, I am trying to do some challenges here and there. Have I taken on too much?

Watercolor puddle veggiesOk, back to watercolor puddles… Junelle Jacobson, our fabulous teacher, had us create pages of puddles, drips, and drops in a few different color combos on watercolor paper. The trick is to keep the colors from blending too much and becoming a muddy yuck. I had some trouble putting together some colors that I really liked. We started with orange and added a bit of green, blue and red. We wanted the watercolors to be really wet so that they would run down the page when it was held up. Adding a drop of water helped. We also used different brushes to get different widths of runs.

Watercolor puddle veggies    Watercolor puddle veggies

The basis for this exercise was to become familiar with what different brushes can do. And so that we create our puddles in vain, Junelle encouraged us create something with our puddles. I went with one of her suggestions to make veggies out of mine.
Watercolor puddle veggies
I sketched and cut out the veggies and leaves. I used a fine black pen and a few markers in shades of grey to make a ground line so that my veggies could be underground. I glued the veggies into my art journal and outlined them with a black pen. Next, I shaded around them with markers and charcoal pencils.

Watercolor puddle veggies

Here are my beets with a radish on either side. Carrots enclose the row on both sides. I kept the background very neutral so the colors would pop.

Watercolor puddle veggies

I don’t really know much about veggies. And I don’t like beets or radishes. Maybe next time I’ll make fruit.

Watercolor puddle veggies

Are you a fruit or veggie person? Raw or cooked? Do you grow your own or shop at a farmer’s market?

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