Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost finished with Christmas gifts!

Isn't this little house cute??? I made two similar houses for Christmas gifts this year.

There is a bit of Stampin' Up! supplies but alot of stuff came directly from my stash and a quick trip to my favorite local scrapbooking shop.

I really enjoyed making this and seeing it come from a papier mache house to this. It actually came together very quickly.

Inside (the roof comes off) there are dividers for each month and then a card for each week. These can be used to jot down notes, memories, happenings, musings, quotes or whatever on a weekly basis. Then at the end of the year you have a great little box filled with little bits and pieces of your whole year.

Right now American Idol is on in the next room. The singers are either really good or really bad. Some people are like watching (hearing?) a train wreck. This is the only part of the season that I really like because the girls and I just laugh and laugh!

So I better get back to it, there's only 20 minutes left.

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Happy crafting!


  1. Congratulations! I just wanted you to know that your project will appear on the Yahoo Group Late Night Stamper’s blog finds of the day for January 15. Want to receive your own copy of the blog finds of the day? Join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stampinuplnstampers/ or visit our Blog Finds of the Day Blog at http://blogfindsoftheday.blogspot.com.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to hear more about how you did this amazing project! I found you on Kelly's blog finds of the day. Thanks for sharing pics of your project.

    - Elizabeth

  3. This house is very sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for mine! I am a lucky recipient of one of these fabulous houses! You always do terrific work and I adore it!!


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