Monday, February 18, 2013

La petite boutique

Have you heard of Junelle Jacobson? Last Spring she taught an online class called The Art of Wild Abandonment. This is a sketching class and it was really informative and enjoyable. We started out sketching radishes! I’m not really a sketcher so I wasn’t sure how I would do. Really I just followed along with the things that Junelle sketched. I like her whimsical style.

La petite boutique

La petite boutiqueHere is one of my projects, La Petite Boutique. First, we sketched it out and then put together a finished piece. It was fun to come up with a few bits of clothing and accessories. For the background I used white crackle paint, a floral stamp with black Archival Ink, and Vintage Photo Distress Ink

Next I cut the clothing, etc.,  out of patterned paper that I pulled out of my scrap bin. I put a good coat of Mod Podge over the background, and over the papers before outlining everything.

la petite boutique
la petite boutique
I am planning on taking The Art of Wild Abandonment 2 soon. I have to figure out when I can squeeze it in between all of the other online classes that I am taking! Do you take online classes?

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